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Pricing in Bizmilan


Anything can be sold here

 Shops or else offices

Restaurant, Hotel and Café

House, Land, Industries and Flat

In every part of Nepal your property and business are bought/ sold /rent and advertised here.


We keep direct contact with costumer and seller

 We are the medium between every property and business sold/ bought/ rent

We give importance to advertise your business or property without the high commission rate in the best trading surrounding


We don’t only advertise, we also give importance to future customer

 We don’t only advertise your business or property, we give importance to upcoming/future costumer and keep their records and give information to matching customer

We can give direct information to people who are in eager to buy for fast trade


We don’t or won’t take any commissions

 We don’t take any commissions for selling your business or property because we only have intention of giving best trading surrounding and direct information between costumer and seller


We only advertise the genuine registered Real Estate company and developer properties, we don’t advertise or trade the non-registered and fake business or properties


We advertise until we sell it

 We advertise your business or property in different medium like social media (Facebook, Twitter, Goggle and Linked-in)

The more people will notice, the fast your property can be sold / number of costumer can be chosen

 Terms & Services

 सेवा र बिज्ञापन कुन लेवलमा गरिने भन्ने आधारमा 3 वटा  बिज्ञापन विकल्प हरु यहाँ प्रस्तुत गरिएको छ / आफुलाई कुन अप्सन उपयुक्त हुन्छ छनौट गरि आफ्नो घर जग्गा तथा ब्यबसायको लिस्टिंग गर्नुहोस /


 How can we Advertise

Business or Property details and images can be send through Viber or Email  by paying specific price of the advertisement through bank account

We can also send our person in your location for detail and images, taking extra 1000 Rs. charge

Later within 12hrs your business or property is advertised

 Images and detail can be drop through:

Facebook: BizMilan: https://www.facebook.com/BizMilan/messages/

Gmail: bizmilan20b@gmail.com

Viber: 9857031949 / 9803553967

Thank you,

BizMilan Private Limited

Company Registration Number: 146771/072/073

Registration Date: 2072-12-07

Feature Property

Featured Sale रू १००,००० प्रति हात/-

Land in Sale

मणिग्राम ४ नम्बर , रुपन्दहि,प्रदेश ५

Looking to sell or rent your property?

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